What do we offer?

Above all, EMCC Belgium is a meeting place for reflecting on, and sharing experiences, in a friendly manner. The EMCC open its door to:


  • Senior coaches willing to share ideas, skills, experience, and to play a role as an actor of coaching,
  • Beginner coaches looking for exchanges, experience and new tools,
  • Coaches in training willing to discover this profession and its actors
  • Coaching training schools for which the quality of the training is a priority
  • HR managers for whom the human being is essential,
  • Managers willing to share and discover new tools,
  • Researchers integrating the topic of coaching in their research,
  • Any person interested in coaching


And more specifically:

  • access to a network of quality coaches
  • monthly activities
  • monthly supervisions *
  • EMCC annual conferences on mentoring and coaching
  • EMCC conferences on coaching and mentoring research
  • articles on coaching (via the blog – in French)
  • EMCC newsletter (in English) *
  • solidarity coaching *
  • an ethical framework for the profession, respecting all its actors (clients– coaches- schools)
  • a recognition process for the confirmed EMCC Belgium coach *
  • visibility for recognized EMCC Belgium coaches*
  • substantive work on the recognition of the coaching profession (EMCC in collaboration with the ICF)
  • work on its visibility to the Belgian press
  • work groups at the European level *
  • access to a liability insurance covering the risks specific to the profession of coach




* services accessible as members only

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